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Generate a Flowchart for Java Code

Product Specifications

Code Graph Analyser Welcome to the Code Graph Analyser. Via this website, we provide you a way to upload your source code and generate a flowchart of its execution for you. It utilises the basics of a compiler and a parser, as well as code static analysis to generate a graph for you to have a better insight in the logic of how the whole program is working. A visualization of the execution of your codes can make the process much clearer, and hopefully the analysis of your code can bring you a better understanding of programming.

Team Members

  • Xavier



    Hi! I am Xavier, currently a grade 11 student from Shenzhen College of International Education. I have been passionate and specialized in mathematics and computer science since I was little, and I am always seeking opportunities to make contributions with my skills. The reason why I created this project is because of finding out that many new coders struggle to understand code, and it’s difficult for them to fully break down the logic of a program. However, visualization with a flowchart can be much more easily understood by less experienced people, and therefore, the Code Graph Analyser idea came up. It’s my pleasure to complete programs that can help both people taking their first steps into programming, and experienced programmers alike, and I am looking forward to designing new features to make this a fantastic educational platform for all coders.